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Cursed Cowboy™ Productions is a full service Video Producer, based in Nevada, working the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain areas of the United States.   We have the capability to shoot full scale music videos, short films, commercials and an array of media types.  We shoot your media in 6K, making bounce downs to 4K or 1080P very vivid. Can shoot up to 300 fps in 2K.  Our crew is available to fully produce your shoot, or to combine with your existing crew to assist in getting your shots.  Whatever your production needs, please fill out completely our form and submit.  CCP DOES NOT RENT EQUIPMENT TO ANYONE FOR ANY REASON, PARTY FOR WHICH THE SHOOT IS DONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR INSURANCE AND MUST PROVIDE PROOF OF SUCH BEFORE SHOOT BEGINS.   




Production Equipment List-


Red Epic Dragon DSMC 6K HDRX

25 Foot Manual Jib

 8 Foot Rubber Tire/Track Mounted Door Dollies

6' Octocopeter for flying shots mounted with Red

360 Degree 3D Gimbals

Full Scale Intimidator Stage Lighting/Can Lighting

Presonus M Board and Audio capabilities (automated)

1-300 additional Stops for any ISO situation

24-200-600 MM Lenses (and an array of many more cinematic lenses)

Body Mountable Steady Cam for smooth close up follow shots

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©2019 by Troy Bullock. Troy Bullock is an up and coming Country Music Artist, Producer, Songwriter and Music Video Director.

CURSED COWBOY is a Trademark 

of BTB, LLC.