Troy Bullock Successfully Rolls Out Cursed Cowboy™ Productions

-S.L. Roberts

The Music Industry is forever changing. With access to mediums that your normal Artist 20 years ago couldn't have dreamt about, the Independent Musician can now do exactly what the majors can do, only with a more focused budget, most of the time with a lot lower price tag. In speaking with Troy yesterday afternoon I got quite a bit of insight into what this Production Company rollout means not only for him as an Artist but also for his blossoming label. This idea not only once again proves that Troy Bullock is ahead of the game, but the breadth of vision for his company, Artistry and the courage to help the common musician in his ascent really prove what he has told me all along: His name will eventually be everywhere, doing many different things.

My frontline of questioning involved "Why Film and TV?" His answer was pretty to the point, "Videography and the Filming Process have always been a major interest to me", and he goes on to say "furthermore I think it expands my horizons on the complete make of an artist."

The plans for this new venture doesn't just include continuing to learn about the process but he has formed this new company to help lessen the expense for other artists, helping to improve the quality of their music video productions. This will help give them the "I paid a quarter of a million dollars for this production feel" at a fraction of the cost.

As we all know, Troy Story-Boarded and Co-Directed the video "Country Go Round"

(view here--> ) with super Hollywood Actor and Director Jeff Lester of Big Picture Studios, Las Vegas, husband to darling Singer/Songwriter and mesmerizing vocalist Susan Anton.

"Working with Jeff was a really incredible experience", Troy said. "He really opened my eyes to the practicality of filming: Brainstorm, get the right shots, get them in a timely manner and when its quiet on the set....shut up", he said while we both laughed. "Jeff is an amazing guy, truly an artist with an eye for detail and I believe that the time we spent together really pushed me further toward looking at this medium as a potential outlet for my own creativity."

Of course the same players backing his label are the same backing his vision of filming. "We really hashed the numbers out on this one, our first investment being in the $120,000 range to be able to have the right equipment, be able to haul it and make sure when we were ready to present, that we are truly ready to go." Troy's vision was always to have everything his label does under one roof, from Publishing to Videography, Photography and Recording. This lifelong dream is coming together piece by piece before his and his investors very eyes.

"I wanted to have everything myself as an Artist and other Artists, that we sign in the future, needed to fully push out a completely professional and finished project".

We started to walk around the studio a bit so that he could explain what we were looking at because I literally didn't have a clue with some of the video equipment. The studio itself was hardwood floor, spacious and lacked any kind of lively coloring, but was comfortable. It really looked like command central on the starship enterprise, with an array of computers, hard drives and desks.

There were 8 Macs at sort of a studio command center

Where the real magic in design lay was in the stage set (3 pictures above). When the lights were dimmed and the set lit, I couldn't believe what I was looking at. Troy had literally created a stage set for bands to film their "video stage shots". Motion, color and software combined to create a display that would rival any Hollywood stage set.

"I built this from the ground up, myself and a couple associates", he said. "I didn't want location to hinder the creativity that we we're able to offer our clients or myself for that matter". Lovingly named "Roxy's Theatre", after one of Troy's dearest friends and closest associate.

The Company's goals of a "Hollywood Style Production" were really starting to take shape as we walked and talked further. Troy and his investors wanted everything to be in the realm of that style and quality of production, so in choosing the right camera for the job they decided that the Red Epic Dragon combined with the right lenses and mounting equipment were the right camera for the job. Troy enlisted B&C Camera for add ons, his massive 25' Jib Crane, Door Dollies and a host of other camera essentials to make the productions such as a 6 mile capable Octocopter and steady cam, remote Gimbals, follow focus and floor tracking. "I looked at filming just like any other task, the right tools for the job and the ease and use of technology that gets you the most bang for your buck." These essential things, being outside of Hollywood or any other major filming hub is what Troy thinks will 'help this go'. The "Cursed Cowboy" Production brand just received its long awaited Trademark (after SOU filing), lending more credibility to the brand and pushing its status to join other production studios, like Lionsgate and Dreamworks. "

"I really thought it was important to stand out and make ourselves known in a fashion that was not only catchy, but original with proof that the idea was indeed, original", Troy said.

So the price tag of getting this kind of service, with this kind of equipment was my ending thoughts. "I mean we obviously have to be profitable as is my goal with anything we do", he said when I asked, "but I also want to make this affordable to the struggling artist as well, so my plan is to consult with every artist and their investors on a case-by-case and see what their budget is as a preliminary", he said, "if its something that we can do logistically with the budget presented compared to the expectations of product, then we will totally get involved as I feel every chance to get out and do this will just make us better at the entire process".

"I strongly believe that this is a winner for Round Toe Records", Troy told me. Once again, Troy I firmly believe it is as well. He never ceases to exceed my expectations as a blogger. You just never know what kind of shock you're going to get with this guy.

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